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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1094-c example

Instructions and Help about 1094-c example

So there's a few things that I wanted to go over and then I'm going to end with a little pop into the systems that we can show you all how to approve and create all of your 1095 and your 1084 so we'll do a few things today but if you have keeping things aside for those of you who haven't join us on a winner there is a chat feature to your bottom left of this screen that we really encourage you to use for any questions or concerns we do have you plunge in if there are technical questions please use that function I will be going through questions at the end of the session so feel free to type in your questions I promise to get them at the end if I do not get to them to be tweeters throughout the presentation lastly when you do log out of this presentation you will be taken to a survey and we just want to get some feedback to make sure that the presentations are valuable to you we want to make sure that the information we are providing is clear and understandable and we'd love to get some feedback if you have any other suggestions if you also would like a client or a representative to reach out to you with specific questions or just to get some more information about our capabilities feel free to designate that so on the actual survey that you send out and we'll make sure someone reaches out to you as soon as possible so we'll go ahead and get started for this presentation again the 1094 see trends middle the 1094 seat is a cover sheet it's the employer portion of the filing where we get to go through an overview of what you're sending in terms of 1095 for the employee so the first part of this form that can be completed in our in our platform is just the employer information so we're going through some of the company information it's your code so one thing I want to hit here is this company contact all of this information will be downloaded or provided defaulted by Dominion but you may want to have a different contact person than what we have listed it's very very easy to change there's a little pencil icon that you can click on and you can select whichever company contact or add a new I do recommend highlighting this port because the contact person here is the contact person that will be used for employees so if an employee had a question about their 1095 this would be who they would connect with this will also be who the IRS connects with if there are any questions or concerns about the filing and finally this contact person is who will actually be emailed any correspondence in regards to the filing so when we process all of the forms there is email.


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