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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1095-c codes cheat sheet 2022

Instructions and Help about 1095-c codes cheat sheet 2022

Welcome to our 1094 see in 1095 see non-variable our version 2.0 spreadsheet training hosted by me Sandra Eva's during this presentation will be using our new employee spreadsheet has taken longer than expected to deliver deliver these on spreadsheets to you but our partners in us have been working hard to produce accurate and streamlined spreadsheets based on the newest set of your IRS guidelines the result is a set of simplified documents aimed at making everyone's life easier without compromising accuracy nor the integrity of the data that you'll be submitting to us these are the data retrieval forms for non-variable our employers as you can see the name of the file reflects that it's a file from diversified administration incorporated xml ACA 1095 see employee data file there'll be the company name here that you will replace with the name of your company the month and year that be a particular spreadsheet refers to and if it's a series of months you can enter the first month and the last month has been reported and this is a version 2 point as you can see there's also for self-insured employers a similar a similar named file so let's take a look at the employee data file so this is the form as you can see we've color-coded it in order to make it easier for you to read the titles of its each column we have also indicated that this is a non variable our employer spreadsheet ploy spreadsheet and we've added this information box where we ask for the employer name period that's been reported filled by is a person that actually filled the spreadsheet and we want that person's name in order to contact them and we have any questions or does any any clarifications that are needed and of course a phone and email to reach that person here to the right you also find some information in order to help you fill this spreadsheet use one row or line per employee enter dates as month day and year if additional explanation is needed user notes in the first column we have added this first column here in case that you need to prsome more information for some particular situation for a pain employee then if your self insured you'll fill the dependent spreadsheet that will go over in a little bit if there were changes during the month you'll have to copy the employees row and then enter the changes for the corresponding dates and we'll go over that in a little while and even find additional help in the comments by hovering over the titles for example in this first green section it corresponds to the employee information you hover over social security number it'll say it's a social security number and that this is a required field which means that it has to be filled it cannot be blank similarly last name is also required the first name.

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