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Instructions and Help about 1095-c instructions

Here's a 1095 seat as an introduction what I like to do is go through the form and then i will pick apart each section later now the first question comes up who do you have to give a 1095 see for this is a very common question I've been getting do you give a 10 90 feet 5c to every employee only those eligible for coverage who do you give it to and the instructions say you give it to any employee that has been full-time for a month and full time is defined as 130 hours or more now this is reported on a calendar year basis January through so it's it's everybody's on its own no matter what your policy here is everything is reported on a calendar your basis and every employee every full-time employee gets a copy so in part one is the individuals name social security number street address their personal information goes there and that's the employee the applicable large employer is you the employer now if you're a company and you have three different divisions and each division has their own separate ein on each separate divisions should file their own 1095 see that employees that particular individual so please understand that so member means it is the individual member of your control group so again if you have three different separate members of your control group each one would file a 1095 see for their employees and that's the name of the employer a street address all the information has to go there and then part two is the employer offer of coverage now you have to put in enter the winners plan year starts so it starts in may it be 05 and then in line 14 is the offer of coverage during a 2022 for those months when you offered an individual coverage and when I go through it over the next few minutes what I'm going to do is tell you the popular codes that you should be considering so did you offer coverage if you did offer coverage as one code if you did offer coverage I depending on who you offered coverage to with it offered to the entire family or just the employ there's two different codes for that and I will go through each code line 15 is the employee share of lowest cost premium now it's not the program it's not the coverage stitch that they actually took it's the lowest cost option you provided them so if you offer three programs three plans they pick the most expensive plan you don't report that you report the lowest cost and it's for individual coverage only so then it's the employee share of the lowest cost monthly premium for individual coverage and this is going to be an important figure now line 16 is the most complicated there's a number of different situations that are reported in line 16 and I will go.

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